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“There must grow an International spirit and outlook, international forms and institutes must appear, perhaps such developments, dual or multilateral citizenship, willed interchange or voluntary fusion of cultures” - Sri Aurobindo

Meditation Alliance International® is inspired by and endvours to bring to life this vision and dream of Sri Aurobindo. 

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We are a global network of Authentic Yoga & Meditation Education Providers. Our Mission is, to bring all Genuine Yoga & Meditation Centers, Institutes and  Teachers together under one umbrella to enable people to connect with  authentic Meditation Practices from across the world.

We aim to  bring before you a united collective and a platform of for Yoga &  Meditation Education and Research as a Yogic Science for those who wish  to learn and develop Yogic, Psychological and Spiritual methods of Self  Realization and Healing.


Meditation Alliance International® was founded by Swami Vidyanand, a renowned yoga master, the spiritual head of SriMa International School of Transformational Yoga and Founder President of Yoga Alliance International (YAI), Yoga Alliance India, Yoga Alliance Europe, Yoga Alliance of the Americas, Yoga Alliance of Africa, and the Grand Master Courses.Born in a family of Bhakti Yogi's of an unbroken tradition of over 500 years, Swamiji received his initiation into the Spiritual and Yogic practices at an early age and was trained by Swami Satyananda Saraswati (Founder of the Bihar School of Yoga) among other great Masters. Read More

A collective of authentic Yogis, Spiritual Practioners and Guides from across the world.

Seekers and Authentic Yoga & Meditation Education Providers across cultures, traditions and continents.

In today's world, with the immense variety of information available, it can be difficult to determine Authentic and Genuine Teachers unless one has experienced them. We strive to provide a network of Authentic Yoga & Meditation Providers to those seeking to learn and develop Yogic, Psychological and Spiritual methods of Self Realization and Healing.


All Certified Members are met in person by our Team or one of our Trusted Representatives. By providing standards and continuing education to Yoga & Meditation Education Providers, we ensure Authenticity.

  • We are a welcoming, warm, friendly and inclusive community. 
  • Unlike a registry, we interview our applicants, using the wisdom of our vast experience, determine their eligibility. Our system functions in the old way, of meeting, communication and then determining the level of Certification applicants.
  • We recognize any and all Authentic Yoga & Meditation Schools, Traditions or Teachers that meet our Standards. Your training organization or Teachers need NOT already be part of our network our aim is Authenticity, not exclusivity.
  • Guidance, Support and Training to those wanting to grow as Practitioners or Teachers.
  • Our website is available in 103 Languages and is beautifully organized, to enable seekers connect with Authentic teachers in their local region. 


Our website is unique and is designed to make it easy for people find Authentic Yoga & Meditation Providers. Some features include:

  • Available in over a 100 Languages
  • Location oriented Listings - easily find teachers any where in the world
  • Member Login - Certified Members get secure accounts.
  • Sophisticated Member Profiles - Post Videos, Photos, coupons and much more
    (not familiar with technology? Allow our team to set it up for you!)
  • Ratings & Reviews
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