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Dr. Dhan Raj Jangid

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Gurugram Haryana 122001


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More About Dr. Dhan Raj Jangid

Classical and Therapeutic YOGA-MEDITATION

Astanga/ Hatha/ Ananda/ Sivananda/ Ayurveda YOGA;

YogaNidra/ Trancendental/ Vipassana/ Therapeutic MEDITATION


  • RYT-500 (Yoga-Alliance registry ID 207738); Grduated as a 
  • Levei-I Yoga Teacher (from “Ananda Yoga School of India” (An RYS-200), Gurgaon, India) and 
  • Level-II Yoga Teacher (from WPYS School (An RYS-200, RYS-300, RYS-500 Yoga-School)
    Rishikesh, India). 
  • Certified Yoga Teacher (Expert-Level) ExpertRating-Transcript ID 961238; March 2006), 
  • Meditation Instructor Certification (ExpertRating-Transcript ID 3164172; August 2016), 
  • M.Trans.Medit. (Master of Transcendental Meditation; November 2006), 
  • B.N.Y.T. (Bachelor of Naturopathy & Yoga-Therapy), No. IBAM-BA-5909; September 2009. 
  • M.D. (Doctor of Medicine Certification in Alternative Medicine with Yoga-Therapy as the Special Subject; IBAM/C/10924; June 2006) – Therapist Registry No. IBAM/RMP/A-30878, Dated October 2006) with „Indian Board of Alternative Medicine‟) 
  •  H.I.Dip. in Hypnotherapy (SNHS, UK – April 2006);
    Dissertation: "Chakra-Centered Hypno-Meditation in Preventive and Restitutive Cardiology"). 
  •  H.I.Dip. in Psychotherapy & Counselling (SNHS, UK – March 2007); 
  • Dissertation: "'Tai Chi' and 'Surya Namaskar' as Kinesthetic-Emotional Yoga-Psychotherapy in Clinical Cardiology"). 
  •  H.I.Dip. in Holistic Health Practices (SNHS, UK – August 2010); 
  • Dissertation: “ „Sivananda-Yoga‟ as an Eclectically Integrated Holistic-Therapy for Enhancing the Recovery of Cardiac Functional-Parameters after Coronary Artery Bypass-Graft Surgery: A Scintigraphic Study”). 
  •  D.Sc. (Hon.) – „Cardiac-Yoga‟; (Transcript No. IBAM/E/302, Dated June 2008) 


(i). Although, I have been practising Yoga and Meditatrion intermittently as a self-discipline since 1994, yet got inclined to practice Yoga & Meditation regularly and seriously for the first time only in 2002 while working as "Principle Consultant & Head of Imaging-Cardiology Services" at 'Escorts Heart Institute & Research Centre, New Delhi, India. Around that time, I just passed my "SNHS Adv. Diploma in Hypnotherapy" and felt encouraged to use 'Meditation' as a Restorative-Therapy for the management of Post-interventional Cardiac patients. I embarked upon a pilot study with encouraging results; later, I submitted this work as a dissertation in requirement of the "Hr. Intl. Diploma in Hypnotherapy (SNHS, UK – April 2006)"; Dissertation: "Chakra-Centered Hypno-Meditation in Preventive and Restitutive Cardiology")

Immediately thereafter, I started using (2003 onwards) Yoga & Meditation as a modality for clinical management of patients suffering from Coronary-Ischaemic Heart Disease (CHD) and Paroxysmal Supra-Ventricular Tachyrrhythmias (PSVT) with encouraging results. Later, I submitted this work as a research-dissertation, "Tai Chi and Surya Namaskar as Kinesthetic-Emotional Yoga-Therapy in Clinical Cardiology" for my 'SNHS-International Diploma in Psychotherapy & Counselling (March-2007)'. Recently, this work was made available online by SNHS (School of Natural Health Sciences, UK.), at: https://naturalhealthcourses.com/2015/05/tai-chi-surya-namaskar-in-clinical-cardiology/ 

Encouraged by this work I started taking-up/ prescribing the Yoga & Meditation more regularly as a complementary healing/ restorative modality for treating those patients suffering from refractory cardiovascular ailments with very good results. I submitted the work, completed till that time, as the research-dissertation, “ „Sivananda-Yoga‟ as an Eclectically Integrated Holistic-Therapy for Enhancing the Recovery of Cardiac Functional-Parameters after Coronary Artery Bypass-Graft Surgery: A Scintigraphic Study” - [August-2010].for the award of my SNHS-Certifications, "H.I.Dip. in Holistic Health Practices (SNHS, UK)". 

I collected results of all these studies and also submitted for D.Sc. in Cardiac Yoga; I was conferred D.Sc. (Hon.) by Indian Board of Alternative Medicine (IBAM). 

(ii). Although, from the year 2003 onwards, I have taken up mainly the subjects suffering from cardiovascular aliments, yet still I never refuse any non-Cardiac subjects/ patients seeking for my healthcare-help. 

(iii). My approach to Yoga & Meditation is "evidence-based", with complete 'clinical and diagnostic-workup assessment' of the patient/ subject as a whole bringing out all the relevant areas of the body that need attention and therapeutic-intervention. I usually prefer a "single-subject therapeutic approach", keeping a very close watch on all the areas and the parameters of the body, as they change (for good or bad, whatsoever, and accordingly need specific attention) during the course of therapeutic-practice. I request all these subjects to take an appointment for their attendance at my clinic only; rarely, I do offer a 'domiciliary yoga/meditation-therapy' service, especially for a convalescent or a senescent subject. 

(iv). BUT, whenever during a community survey, I find a group of individuals sharing (in common) some deranged physical or biochemical parameters, or clinical presentation, or presenting symptoms and/ or sings, I take them up as a group (still rather small !) for Yoga/Meditation-Therapy. I take the group usually to a community club or to my small studio. 

(v). Over the years, I have slowly made my approach (to the subjects for yoga/meditation-therapy) very disciplined and result-oriented: 

-- With all the relevant yet detailed diagnostic-workup of the subjects focussed on the clinical presentation of the conditions refractory to conventional 'medical-treatment'; 

-- Making absolutely clear to the subjects what all to be expected of from the yoga/meditation-therapy; 

-- Taking up the help of other 'medical- and/ or alternative-experts' for, 

(*) the disease in the yoga/meditation-therapy perspective, as well as 

(**) the „co-morbid problems‟ – the associated ailments, if any.

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Gurugram Haryana 122001

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