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Meditation Alliance International (MAI) is led by Founder Swami Vidyanand, Directors and the Advisory Board.

Country: France

Camille  Gicquel Chairperson, Yoga  Alliance International, France Camille was  born in the West of France  and got 1introduced to Yoga thanks to her  Mom, an experienced  practitioner, who convinced her to attend a class  of Hatha yoga thinking  that it may help channelize her energy and  anxious nature, and it was a  revelation! However, after studying a  diversity of fields and working  in a lot of others, something was still  missing in her life for her to  be truly happy. Her love for travelling  and her thirst for discoveries,  encounters and new experiences finally  took her to India, the ancestral  place of traditional yoga. Her  encounter with Swami Vidyanand and his  system of Transformational Hatha  Yoga have then totally convinced her  that she wanted to live her life  following the path of Yoga. Camille is a  Yoga Alliance International  Certified Yoga Teacher for 500 hours level,  Master in Transformational  Yoga and Meditation. She studied under the  guidance of Swami Vidyanand  in New Delhi and Auroville. She is also the  Chair Person of Yoga  Alliance International France and in charge of  SriMa School Auroville  branch.

Country: India & New Zealand

Utkarsh  is a Grand Master of Hatha  Yoga, Administrative Director Worldwide of  SriMa International School of  Transformational Yoga and Direcotr of  it's New Zealand Branch. Having  studied and taught in the Bihar  Tradition of Swami Satyananda, he went  on to learn Transformational  Yoga directly under the guidance of Swami  Vidyanand. Painter,  Photographer, Graphic Designer, Writer and   Musician, his life  transformed when he got introduced to Yoga. A series  of experiences led  him to quit his corporate job and he began to  explore the traditional  science of Yoga & Meditation. Utkarsh is now  an established and  experienced Master & Therapist, based in  Auckland, New Zealand  channelizing his energy towards exploring and  sharing this beautiful  ancient science with people from across world.

Country: United Kingdom 

Some years ago, a series of challenges including a serious health difficulty, left Jyoti Howe with a deep desire to find meaning in life and existence.  She yearned for a deeper understanding of her own identity, one that  would also hopefully bring with it a greater sense of happiness,  joy and blissfulness.  
Her heartfelt search led her along many avenues offering a deeper understanding of what life is and why. In the process she explored Buddhism,  delved deeper into Sikhism, studied Christian Science, practiced various types of yoga - Bhakti,  Raja, Karma and Sahaja – and embraced such meditative disciplines as Vipaasna and Prana. 

All provided helpful and insightful signposts during an often demanding journey. 
Then,  she came across OSHO’s teachings and his various meditation techniques:  Dynamic, Kundalini, Naadbrahama, Om and many more.   
From  there it was a natural progression to becoming Osho Sannyasin and  travelling to various parts of the world to attend  meditation camps  at Osho Nisarga, Gangadham and Oshodhara that were to bless her with deeper insights into spirituality.  
Jyoti’s spiritual growth was both inevitable and inexorable.

Not surprisingly, this often challenging pathway of hoped-for  enlightenment led to the realisation that she needed a guru who could  help her combine the necessary spiritual aspects of her journey with the  essential physical steps.  

More  searching led to a pivotal meeting with Swami Vidyanand, founder of  Yoga Alliance International. The missing link was missing no longer.  

Under his personal guidance at his SriMa International School of  Transformational  Yoga in Pondicherry, Jyoti has become both a 500 Level  Certified Master in Transformational Yoga and a 500 Level Meditation  Master. 

He has also recently appointed her director of his UK branch.

Country: India

Arjun, also the CEO of SriMa International School of Transformational Yoga, has been practicing yoga and meditation since his childhood and has had the good fortune to learn and train with excellent yoga instructors and meditation masters. He has learned all forms of Yoga (Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Raj Yoga, Prana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Healing) and become Grandmaster under the guidance of World renowned Master Sri Swami Vidyanand Ji (Founder President of Yoga Alliance India and Srima School of Transformational Yoga). He has successfully led corporate yoga campaigns with MINISTRY OF EXTERNAL AFFAIRS, MICROSOFT CORPORATION, AMERICAN EXPRESS, GOOGLE CORPORATION, CAIRN ENERGY INDIA, BLACKROCK CORPORATION, MCKINSEY, NOKIA, SIEMENS, GLOBAL SPA & WELLNESS SUMMIT, EGON ZEHNDER, OTOTECH CORPORATION, ERNST & YOUNG, FORTIS HEALTHCARE, FEDRAL MOGUL, ACTE GROUP, TCNS LTD. ('W' - The ethenic wear), STERIA GROUP, THE OBEROI HOTELS etc. He is also associated with THE ADIDAS GROUP - REEBOK for the very popular CSR initiative called RAAHGIRI DAY. Source

Country: South Africa

The Director of Shakti Yoga Therapy Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa, Taryn Elise Herselman (Ma Akash Ganga) is a Yoga Teacher and Therapist with over 10 years’ experience. Taryn Elise blends her wide international influences with extensive training in India, to provide a compassionate and therapeutic approach to Yoga. Also holding a MA in Psychology, she uses her extensive knowledge of yogic techniques to support emotional health and stress-related conditions, making use of the many physiological and psychological benefits of Meditation, Yin and Restorative Yoga. As a teacher, she creates an energising and inclusive atmosphere that makes her a favourite for teacher training, retreats and workshops in South Africa and India.
Taryn Elise graduated in 2005 at Yoga Circle, a one year Teacher Training course in South Africa, before undertaking in-depth study in India. A student of renowned Yoga Therapist Yogacharya Vishwas Vasant Mandlik, she holds qualifications in Yoga Teaching, Advanced Yoga and Yoga Therapy from the Yoga Vidya Gurukul, accredited by the University of Pune, India. She is also a Grand Master in Meditation, trained by Swami Vidyananada in Delhi and Auroville using the Transformational system of yoga.

Country: France 

Cécile lives in the south of France,  where she loves being close to the Mediterranean sea. Cécile began  practising yoga in the USA and Shanghai when she was an Air France crew  member. When she lost her medical licence to fly, Cécile discovered  Transformational Hatha Yoga, and she understood quickly that she wanted  to teach yoga to give the strength trough the knowledge that’s why it’s  her yogi name Atma Shakti. Cécile has a pharmacy licence which  complements her yoga teaching, and she aims to give her students a  deeper connection with themselves through balance and good health. She  is a 500 level Certified Master in Transformational Yoga and 500 level  Meditation Master, having learnt directly under Swami Vidyanand himself  at the SriMa International School of Transformational Yoga, New Delhi,  India.  Source

Country: Serbia 

Born  and raised in Belgrade Serbia, Srdjan lived for almost 20 years all  around Europe (Greece, Italy, Hungary, Poland, etc.) being a  professional basketball player. While in sports, he found Yoga, which  helped him to reduce injuries and improve spiritual development. Srdjan  is licensed FIBA coach and Transformational Yoga instructor. At the  moment he is based in Belgrade, with his wife Nina who is Yoga  instructor too, and their son Alexey. Srdjan is the first  Transformational Yoga teacher in Serbia, and Director of the SriMa  School Serbia branch. Source

Country: India

Renu has been practicing yoga & meditation since his childhood and has had the good fortune to learn and train with excellent yoga instructors & meditation masters. He has learned all forms of Yoga (Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Raj Yoga, Prana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Healing) & become Grandmaster under the guidance of World renowned Master Sri Swami Vidyanand Ji (Founder & President of Yoga Alliance India & Srima School of Transformational Yoga).  Source

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